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Are you remodeling, building, or adding on to your building?

One thing that is usually overlooked in the planning stages of a new construction or remodel project is how the cleaning procedures or costs will be affected. When choosing a carpet or flooring surface always ask to see the maintenance specifications for the products,...

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Is your soap a health hazard?

Choosing the right soap dispensers and soap products for your restroom is not just about ascetics! If you are using a liquid fill soap container, either as a through the counter pump or as a wall mounted unit, you should consider changing to a dispenser that is...

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Electronics Recycling the right way!

RP Janitorial Services is proud to partner with an electronics recycling company that has a zero landfill policy. Our recycling partner will either recondition the item for re-use or tear it apart and recycle all of its parts separately. Nothing goes to a landfill...

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Did You Know

Did you know? Chemicals used in common household products have been linked to allergies, birth defects, psychological disorders, chronic illnesses, auto-immune dysfunction, ADHD, skin conditions and may be cancer causing or fatal! (According to the Consumer Product...

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Hard Floor Care, Natural Surfaces

Machine Scrubbing We can perform standard machine scrubbing or specialty cleaning procedures on all types of hard floor surfaces including ceramic, concrete, and, stone floors. All of these floor surfaces over time will build up dirt and soil that won’t be removed by...

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